How To Buy Penny Stocks For Beginners

How To Buy Penny Stocks For BeginnersHave you been wanting to make extra money by investing in the stock market, more specifically Penny Stocks? We have another great site for you. Investing in penny stocks can make you a lot of money, but choose the wrong stock and you can loose your shirt! The site we have found is Microcap Millionaires. Learn from a pro who actually puts their own hard earned money into the stocks they recommend.

Investing in penny stocks can be very lucrative. But with so many stocks to choose from, which one or ones do you choose? It can be very difficult to do the research on penny stocks because they are not required to maintain public records like the big boys on the DOW or NASDAQ. There are three major factors that make investing in penny stocks or commonly referred to as pink sheets risky and they include –

  1.  Lack of information available to the public. Companies listed on the pink sheets are not required to file with the SEC and are not publicly scrutinized like stocks on the NY Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq.
  2. Lack of history. Many penny stock companies are either newly formed or they are approaching bankruptcy. The companies have either no track record or a poor one. Lack of historical information makes it difficult to determine a stocks true potential.
  3. Liquidity. When a companies stock doesn’t have much liquidity It allows some traders to manipulate stock prices by buying a large amount of stock in a particular company to drive up the price and then sell it after other investors find it attractive, this is also known as pump and dump.

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