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We have been writing for some time now and have been surprised at how many people actually follow our blog. If you have a blog there are some important things you need to remember to create good engaging content and to get it found in the search engines. That’s what we will cover in this short article.

So how do you know what to write about? How do you know what is trending in your industry? Over at Brick Marketing they recently made a post that we found extremely helpful, and here is a snippet from it:

5 Content Marketing Research Tips

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Read popular industry blogs.

By following popular industry blogs, youll get a better idea of the kind of content being created. What industry trends are getting a lot of attention? Who are the biggest names in your niche? What topics have been written about to death and which ones are new on the scene? This will help you come up with topics for your own content marketing campaign and make sure youre writing content that is relevant to your industry. Content marketing research helps ensure that your content is relevant to your audience and chances are if popular industry blogs are focusing on a particular topic its worth your attention!

For example, if I were to spend most of my time writing about article directory submissions, I would be out of touch with what is really going on in SEO. Submitting articles to low quality directories is no longer a good content marketing tactic, so writing blog posts about which article directories a site owner should submit too wouldnt help build my reputation or my SEO. Its content that no one is going to find useful or want to share.

Subscribe to your competitors newsletters.

In addition to being aware of content trends in your industry, part of content marketing research involves finding new topics to write about. By reading what your competitors are writing, youll have a better idea of what they are NOT saying. What niche is being ignored or underdeveloped that you could take and run with? What angles arent being examined that you can take to help set your content apart?

Keep track of customer service and sales questions.

Why not learn what kind of content your audience is looking for right from them? Have your customer service and sales teams keep track of the questions they get and use those as starting points for your content marketing efforts. Chances are if one person has a question about your product or process than other customers do to. This way, your target reader is actually doing your content marketing research for you! You dont have to hope your topics are on point?youll know. Read the rest of the article here…

Good article with the read if you are writing your own content for your blog. We especially like the tip of subscribing to your competition’s news letters and blogs. That is a great way to stay on top of what is happening in your industry.

Okay, so now you know where to find topics to write about. But what if you write an outstanding 2,000 word article. What good is it if nobody reads it or sees it? That is the SEO part of article writing.

Site Pro News recently posted an article that will give you some excellent tips on getting your content found in the search engines to help drive traffic to your website:

7 Simple Content Writing Hacks for Creating Awesome SEO Content that Google will Love

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Site Speed

This is not a matter of content so much as it is a matter of design and testing. Here are a couple of facts from a recent study.

? 47 percent of those who use the Internet regularly expect a site/page to load within two seconds.

? 40 percent will bounce if a site/page takes more than three seconds to load.

Even a one-second delay can cause seven percent decrease in conversions.

You want great content, but if your readers have to wait, theyll never see it. And if they never see it, they cant share it; and they certainly wont be a part of your conversion efforts.

Site speed is also a factor in SEO rankings. If you change elements on your site; if you have a lot of images that are not compressed, then your site loads more slowly. Frequent testing is really important, on all devices, and if there are issues, get them fixed.


People will click through to content when there is a headline that they find intriguing, humorous, or related to a problem to which they need a solution. If, for example, the deck stain that you applied last year is peeling and flaking, you want to know why it is doing that and how you can fix it. You will go online and search. When that search turns up titles and descriptions that match your problem, you will click through. You must do the same. Your headlines must engage immediately.

Headlines must be very specific ? with either a message or an idea. Besides headlines with numbers, which are the most popular, there are other headline types that are popular too. Asking a Question can be good; How to is popular too, because it solves a problem for your readers.

If you are not the creative type, you may want to use headline generator tools. You can type in a few keywords and get plenty of choices. Even if you dont like any of them, they will give you good ideas to create your own.

Extra Tip: Its good to have your whole title show up in a Google search. Keep your title under 72 characters, and make it happen.

The Content Itself

Several things are important here, not the least of which are timely topics, frequent and consistent posting, correct use of keywords/keyword phrases, and visual appeal (images, photos, infographics, slides, video, etc.). Here are a few hacks that are pretty easy.

If you are looking for content ideas that are going to bring lots of traffic, you can check out your competitors blogs and social media pages and see what is being discussed. Dont go back more than two months, or the topics will no longer be fresh and timely.

Check out sites like Buzzsumo, type in keywords related to your niche, and find out what the most popular and recent posts have been.

Read blog posts that have been written recently by others. Do you have something new and unique to add? Re-purpose that post and add your new content.

Be certain that you have a clear and very specific description of your customer. Then, write for that customer ? what does she/he need? What questions does she/he ask on Quora (another great source for topics) or in conversations?

Set up a schedule for publishing on your blog ? and stick to it. Search engines like to see fresh content being posted regularly.

Use humor, case studies and tell stories ? readers like this stuff and they will share it. Finish Reading Here…

Please finish reading that article at their site as it goes more in depth on using keywords, getting backlinks as well as using tools on your website to help optimize your content for search engines.

So there you have it, follow these few simple tips and you to can have a successful blog that gets traffic. For more, check out these other sites for content marketing and SEO:

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